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MADA3 Assessment Evidence

Unit Code MADAOL3
Credits Associated 60
Indicative Learning Hours 600 hours

Learning Outcomes

On satisfactory completion of this unit you will be able to demonstrate:
- An ability to resolve work according to the objectives defined in your proposal
- An ability to articulate and debate issues pertaining to digital representation and presentation in relation to audiences and professional contexts
- Practical skills in negotiation, organisation, promotion and realisation hosting of an on-line exhibition whilst working as a member of a team
- An ability to analyse and reflect critically upon your own and others’ work in the context of current practice
- An ability to evaluate and summarise your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing professional development
- An ability to produce work that reflects the concerns of the course of study and current research in digital arts

Assessment Evidence

- On-line text / diagrammatic / visual / aural presentation of your work, demonstrating a critical understanding of digital arts and how your work relates to current thinking and research in Digital Arts
- I produced a presentation for the MA colloquium and took questions from other course members. It can be found in Flash and mp3 formats in the MADA3 Colloquium Presentation document.
- My MADA3 Reflection essay takes this further by explaining more about my creative context and working processes.

- Practical work resolved according to your proposal and presented professionally as part of a on-line group event
- I used an exhibition opportunity earlier in the year to test many of my ideas in a live environment. This event was documented through video and pictures and I describe the pieces in my MADA3 Exhibitions document.
- I then reflected on this and used the experience to help me create the 'Autopoieis I' installation which I first tested locally and then installed at the MA08 show on the 20th June. Pictures and video from my the MA08 show can be found on my Flickr page.
- The final artwork is consistent with the expectations I had in my original proposal. This is discussed in my MADA Reflection document.

- Supporting research material in appropriate form
- I have produced a MADA3 Research document containing my most important research sources.
- My MADA3 Exhibitions document is also relevant here since this earlier artworks were research experiments.
- My MADA Reflection and MADA Artist's Statement documents also show my research-based approach during the MA.
- Related Web links can be found on my delicious 'Autopoiesis' page.
- My project blog as been well-maintained in MADA3 and shows the progress of my ideas.

- On-line log documenting your role as a member of the exhibition/presentation team
- My main contribution to the exhibition/presentation team was to produced the MA08 Web site. This involved over 30 hours of my time.
- I also created a Flickr group and Facebook page for the show.
- I then liaised with other course members via over 50 e-mails in order to obtain content for the site and share responsibility for maintaining and adding to the pages.
- I then visited Camberwell on the 20th June and install my artwork. Pictures and video from the installation can be found on my Flickr page.
- I have referred many times to my involvement in the show in my project blog.

- A written report in two parts: artist’s statement - explanatory comment and critical evaluation of your own work in the context of current creative practice and reflection - a critical analysis of outcomes compared with intentions, a review of overall progress and outline plan for further development (1000 - 1500 words)
- I submitted both the MADA Reflection and MADA Artist's Statement documents on-time, together with an initial copy of my final assessment in order to gain as much feedback as possible.

Programme of study

- Preparation and presentation of work to an audience of peers, staff and invited professionals in, a student-led structured event with presentations of individual projects, stimulating debate and professional critical responses
- On-line group tutorial to discuss practicalities and issues of presentation and management of final work
- Self-directed learning and working
- Feedback tutorial and seminar
- Participation in the selection and installation of work for public show, working in a team to produce professional publicity material and manage the event
- Reflection on Learning

Related Study Materials
- Study materials in this unit are highly specific to individual students. Presentation of work will depend very much on the technology and media being used.