Resonance is a new arts-based group which aims to provide an umbrella for activities, events and collaborations which focus around the use of new technologies and creativity. We think that these technologies can play an important role for artists with the potential to revolutionise and expand many aspects of creative practice particularly with the emergence of extensive computer networks and cheaper and more versatile computer hardware and software.

We recognise that this technology offers the potential for empowering the individual through increasing control over the production and publication process and increased connectivity between individuals and groups which has never before been possible. This empowerment and connectivity has tremendous implications for how artists and cultural workers operate, allowing the unprecedented exchange of ideas, collaborative projects and production completely new sorts of artworks ( check out our links page to see some of the best arts-related projects on the go at the moment).

Over the last twelve months we have been involved in various activities including Livewire, Surf, and the up and coming Head First and we hope to be making stronger links with other groups such as Derby Community Arts and Oscillate.

We are currently based within and supported by the Design Research Centre, , University of Derby.

If you want more information or have some great ideas please do contact us and if you really are desperate you can see what some of us look like!