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The Shadow (116K JPEG)

"The Shadow" (116K JPEG)

T h e S h a d o w is one of a series of artistic collaborations between the artist and a host of long dead poets... It is a fusion of some very old ideas and very basic and universal emotions with the creative possibilities of new technology and new media. All my work with digital media emerges in a symbiotic manner from the initial central idea or concept. What started life as a visual doodle on video tape or a simple sound bite becomes a digital print, a visual poem, a video projection, a realtime film, a desktop video or all of the above. Elements of the work ping pong between media, often several months after the initial burst of artistic endeavour so that some of the works continue to evolve through different levels of complexity or "versions". Some may never truly be finished or completed to conflict with the traditional fixation with the finished artworlk where the paint is allowed to dry and the artist never returns afresh to the old canvas. The Shadow is based around a poem by Ben Jonson 1573 - 1633. The open book edits the text in much the same way that the hungry eye scans the print to select only the words and meaning we wish to see to prop up our own individual psyche.

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