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"Mirage" (59K JPEG)

The aim of my current series of work is to create composite images which explore issues of culture, power and ideology. Using the computer to rework and combine found imagery into a cohesive and dynamic form, connections are made between diverse visual material to forge a collision of representations which transcend simple and single readings. Mirage is primarily about surface appearance and underlying reality and how cultural values are established and reinforced by the use of pictorial styles and genres. Made up of four distinct elements, Mirage explores our perception of a land of exotic adventure with 'barbaric' and 'uncivilised' counter-currents, whilst covering a history of scientific and technological development which spawned the tools of western development. Elements in Mirage: 16th Century Islamic Compass, Photographer unknown: Israeli soldier and PLO suspect 1985, Oil-well fire from 'Operation Desert Storm' 1992, Etienne Jules Marey: Arab Horse, Gallop. 1887.

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