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Central to the piece is a motorway, eluding to the fast paced direction of mans 'race' to get there although there is no destination. The rocket within the gold box represents one of the manifestations of our blind pursuit to establish meaning to modern life. Within the green box is our relationship to the earth which is seen purely as a resource Within the red box is the cost to humans of meaninglessness through ignorance. The symbols represent the robot of technocracy, Mars the god of war bags of material wealth and lastly the undeclared war of man vs. nature. As long as our technological progress is channelled into destructive practices by and for people who need never witness the results of their actions in places where the most basic form of human needs have not been addressed, we regress. As long as environmental progress is seen as a 'weedless' lawn or a newly laid golf course we will see environmental decline. As long as economic progress depends on the whims and jitters of a gamblers den we will have none.

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