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Colour Chords / Jackie Calderwood

Exhibited at Interact from 13th January 2012

This interactive display of colour chords has been created in several stages, featuring work from three different projects.

Colour grids are made on location using an iphone app designed to encourage moments of noticing whilst traversing landscape. The process has been developed by Jackie as part of her practice-based doctoral research with pervasive media; and combines use of colour, "Clean" questioning, location sensing and an initial theme or stimulus, intended to encourage creativity and paying attention.

The grids upload to gatherer3.com gallery and map. Grid data is then turned into colour chord animations using Max, with sounds attached to each possible colour/square combination.

The grids on display at Interact use audio recorded with hydrophones in streams in the Dales, and from lithophones (ringing rocks) from Ingleton, Yorkshire [made by Leeds University: Ruskin Rocks and Quarry Arts].

The audio, app and website were created initially for Jackie's Hunter Gatherer project in the Yorkshire Dales, summer 2011, a GeoArtCache commission from Chrysalis Arts.

Colour Chords from the Dales feature in the centre of the screen. These were made by geo-cache hunters and gathered for a call-and-response with the magical creature of the Yorkshire Dales, communicating both at cache sites and online.

At the left of the screen are Colour Chords made by researchers from Nottingham University during a lakeside walk and workshop with the Landscape, Space and Place Reading Group. Grids explore interruption to movement (time, distance, intuition) and domains of experience (sensory, conceptual, metaphoric).

At the right of the screen, Colour Chords document Jackie's subjective experience of two trees in a Leicester park, across the changing seasons from autumn into winter.