Simon Faithfull's Limbo 2011

Simon Faithfull creates beautifully intricate drawings in black and white using a specially-made sketching tool on his iPhone. The team at Cuttlefish worked with Simon to create the tool - stripping away the iPhone's technical imprint from it, so that the drawings had the precise qualities he was looking for. The drawing tool also uses the iPhone's GPS to store the location of each drawing. We also created the public "Limbo" app that allows people to subscribe to Simon's drawings, so that they receive them as soon as he publishes them from his iPhone. They also get to see where the drawings were created on a stylised map. Finally, we created a website at that allows non-iPhone owners to view the drawings too.

The database of drawings is continuously growing. In April 2012 I helped organise an exhibition of all of the drawings so far at the Phoenix in Leicester, as well as an exhibition of the live drawing stream at Interact. For this show incoming drawings were automatically printed as they arrived and then manually printed on a large map of the area in which they were produced.


Phoenix / Interact Exhibition