The Interact Gallery 2011 - 2012

The Interact Gallery started with my search for a space in which to exhibit the new artworks produced during my PhD research at De Montfort University. I have long felt that most galleries are not well suited to digital work due to lack of internal infrastructure and general inflexibility in accommodating technology and hadn't had much luck in finding a space that was both right for my work and available for an extended period of time.

Adam Kirk at Fabrika recognised the nature of my problem and suggested that he could modify his upstairs gallery according to my needs to become a new 'digital' gallery. Clearly, it would good to to consider using such a space for more than one exhibition and hence The Interact Gallery was born.

We saw gallery as having an initial one year lifespan, running from August 2011 through to July 2012. We had decided to run the space for a second year, however, the relocation of Fabrika to a new space on Belgrave Gate led to us deciding to close the gallery in September 2012.

There is extensive documentation of the project on the Interact Gallery website.

Interact Live

Interact Live is a series live events held approximately every 3 months at The Interact Gallery at Fabrika. It aims to combine an art exhibition with live music and opportunities for artists to network. The first event was in September 2011.