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Transformations / ColourNet

Transformations is a development of my earlier 'interactive images' work that uses ideas form my study of systems thinking. Although they are able to operate as individual interactive images, Transformations can also communicate with other artworks such as Ernest Edmonds' Shaping Form. The combined artwork - called ColourNet was first shown between 17th November 2012 and 2nd February 2013 at The Site Gallery in Sheffield as part of Light Logic - a major exhibition of work by Ernest Edmonds.

The next iteration of the work was shown at the Interactivity exhibition at CHI'2013 in Paris between 29th April and 2nd May 2013. For this show Transformations was officially launched as a series of works, with the Transformations 1 being shown. New pieces will follow throughout 2013.

The Transformations website is available at If is designed for mobile devices, but will work happily on a desktop browser.

CHI'2013 Photographs

Site Gallery Photographs