Visitor by Speakeasy

Wed, 01 Jun 2011

Visitor by Speakeasy

As part of the build-up to my autumn exhibition I‘ve been looking for opportunities to test my new digital arts technology. For Speakeasy‘s “Visitor" Spark Festival show (with Movers) I set up two interactive pieces based on my current work.

The first was an implementation of one of my “active mirror" systems that allows viewers to interact with their own image via a video feedback loop. The second used face detection to grab video images of viewers and add them to a collage of flower heads. Both systems worked well and got good user feedback. They also performed well technically – although they did remind me of how important it is to get the lighting right in video-based systems like this.

One idea I‘ve been considering to help with this is to develop active control of the brightness/contrast of the incoming video image before I feed it in to my art systems. This would allow the artworks to function better in varied lighting environments.

Author: Sean Clark