The Image Is The Servant / Myoptik's Leap Year Jamboree

Mon, 07 Mar 2016

The Image Is The Servant / Myoptik's Leap Year Jamboree

It's been a busy weekend with two great events taking place in the Leicester.

The first, on Friday, was the third annual "Image Is The Servant" music/multimedia event organised by Honest Dave. The year's event was subtitled "Playful" and took place at The Venue at DeMontfort University.

The event featured multiple musical contributions with live visuals and assorted other attractions. As with the previous two events, most of the vial material was gathered during the event and projected on and around the performance area. Unlike the previous two, the new location provided space for interesting angled screens to be hung across the hall, making for a an even richer visual spectacle.

Then, on Saturday, Rich Myoptik held his "Leap Year Jamboree" at The Font. A full house was treated to music and arts from numerous Leicester artists. Opening at 1pm and going on until 1am it was a truly marathon event (one which I, admittedly, did not complete).

My contributions to both events were the various drawing machines I have been working on over the past six months. They went down well at both events and engaged lots of people!

Weekends like this really bring out the best of the creative aspects of Leicester. Real diversity of people, music, arts and interests coming together to make great things happen.

See my pictures from the events here and here on Flickr.

Author: Sean Clark