Silent Signal @ Derby QUAD

Sat, 06 Feb 2016

Silent Signal @ Derby QUAD

The Silent Signal exhibition opened on Friday at QUAD in Derby. It featured six animated films that were created by six pairs of artists and scientists who have been working together to create new work about and inspired by their mutual interests. Topics covered included Sleeplessness, the spread of malaria in monkey populations and the immune system.

It nakes for a very interesting exhibition. There is a wide range of animation styles and the presentation of the exhibition - with the films being shown in multiple rooms and locations - works really well. The background information in the supplied literature (and on the website) was also very useful in adding a full context for the work.

The exhibition runs until the 6th March, and will be going on tour after. The full list of participants in the project is boredomresearch and Dr Paddy Brock, Samantha Moore and Dr Serge Mostowy, Ellie Land and Professor Peter Oliver, Charlie Tweed and Dr Darren Logan, Genetic Moo and Dr Neil Dufton and Eric Schockmel and Dr Megan MacLeod.

My pictures from the show are here on Flickr.

Author: Sean Clark