Ernest Edmonds' Light Logic at The Site Gallery

Mon, 19 Nov 2012

Ernest Edmonds' Light Logic at The Site Gallery

I went to the opening of Ernest Edmonds' exhibition "Light Logic" at The Site Gallery in Sheffield on Friday (16th November). This is a major exhibition of Ernest's work and his first solo show in the UK for quite a while.

The opening was very well attended, with a number of digital art luminaries present, including Frieder Nake, Roman Versotko, Manfred Mohr and, of course, Ernest Edmonds himself.

The show felt very coherent, with work on display covering over 40 years of artistic practice. It included paintings, digital works and background materials, such as sketches, publications and printouts.

Also on display was the artwork "Colour Net". I have been working with Ernest to allow remote access to his digital artworks via the Internet, and my "Colour Net Controller" is the first example of this. Using a web-accessible control pad, people are able to influence the development of a "Shaping form" artwork and watch the the results of their interactions on a large projected image in the upper window of the gallery. More information about this can be found on my Colour Net Controller page.

The exhibition runs until 2nd February 2012. My pictures from the opening can be found here.

Author: Sean Clark