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Camberwell MA08

MA Theory and Practice of Transnational Art [TrAIN]

Central to this pathway is the impact of identity on the production and consumption of artworks and artifacts, through an understanding of their impact on the practice, history and pedagogy of art and design. Individual study is complemented by lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops designed to help you develop wider contextual understanding, research skills and awareness of professional issues.

Lectures and seminars will be organised under general themes including: Exhibiting the Nation; Identity, Authenticity and Material; Migration and the Context of the Transnational. A final series on Methodologies of the Transnational provides the necessary tools for the production of your final submission. Whilst the core elements are delivered at the TrAIN Centre, you will also be able to take components from existing college-based programmes relevant to your project proposal.

Erek, Sumer

The Newspaper House

Produced by: Creative City (Sumer Erek, Karen Janody and Gillian McIver). Funded by: Arts Council England, Hackney Council Cultural Development Team, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, West Porochial Charity and UnLtd. Supported by: Hackney Cooperative Development, The Learning Trust, Metronet Rail, Project Freesheet, West Hackney Parish, The Paper Trail, Arcadiam Associates, Schenk Perfler Architects and Nature 2 Art.

The notion of 'house' has a special place in my world. It is a roof over one's head, but also a repository for nationhood, identity and belonging. By creating house installations, I not only dwell upon my existence in it, but I also build a 'home' for my art.

Sumer Erek
MA Theory and Practice of Transnational Art

Laet, Maria

Maria Laet

My work is about how we are involved (connected and vulnerable) to movements from outside ourselves; how these invisible movements influence our own movements (both in an internal and external reality), living traces and memories. I have been researching the work of Ana Mendieta, Lygia Clark and Donald Winnicott.

Maria Laet
MA Theory and Practice of Transnational Art

Omarsson, Karl

Exposure, 2007

Installation, mixed media. A collaboration with South-Korean artist; Hye-Joung Park.

A large sculpture is suspended from the ceiling of the gallery. Two attached flesh-coloured ribbons display one half of the same sentence each; where is this place.../...and how do you get there? In a room next to the main gallery a respirator, breathing ceaselessly in a mechanical mode.

Karl Omarsson
MA Theory and Practice of Transnational Art