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Camberwell MA08

MA Book Arts

The concept of the book is explored through analysis of both its form and function while its increasingly important role within interdisciplinary practice underpins the course.

As the Internet begins to free the book from its traditional cultural role as container of information, book artists are at the forefront of creating and evolving a new role and identity for the book. Students discuss the changing nature of the book with reference to both its historical context and its relationship to current professional practice. Book Arts recognises the eclectic nature of the book and encompasses production of multiples, the unique, the precious or ephemeral, installation, digital imaging, paper engineering, documentary or poetry; from what can be envisaged to what has not yet been recognised.

The book is explored in the context of contemporary art as a focus for analytical visual practice, and enables graduates to contribute to the international discourse surrounding book arts.

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Yalim, Umut

An Anti-Book

My work title is Anti-Book. I currently work on video. This video is my anti-book. This anti-book hasn't got any pages but people. My reference is Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. As he's done in his work, I'd create a layered book and labyrinths in people's mind. I try to remove language's weight from my work because there is no language but interpretation.

Umut Yalim
MA Book Arts

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