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Camberwell MA08

A to Z of Students

Jia, Xue

Xue Jia

Many pieces of artistic works are centre around youth's spiritual activities. But most works only describe their life from the surface in general. Young people cannot get help to show their inner space from others all the time. Therefore, my works aims to help them express themselves through a vivid vision and outpouring of my age.

Xue Jia
MA Illustration

Joergens-Lendrum, Helga

Helga Joergens-Lendrum

This project involved the removal of modern backing paper, thick brown, varnish and watercolour which covered the entire surface of the print. The corrosive ink of the text was treated, tears and holes filled in and the papers re-lined. Mounting and framing according to conservation guidelines completed the display.

Helga Joergens-Lendrum
MA Conservation

Jordan, Peggy

Peggy Jordan

Imagery and sound are equally crucial to our understanding of the world. The very way we relate to, and think about, our everyday life has been influenced by sight and sound. They both give a vivid sense of place and aesthetic in real time. When wandering through the streets of London, there's always something to hear in relation to what we see. Combined, imagery and sound convey a message that has the ability to provoke emotion in a subtle way.

Peggy Jordan
MA Graphic Design

Jorden, Tammy

Tammy Jorden

Formes et Couleurs. The conservation of 20 art deco pochoir designs by Aug. H. Thomas and their folio enclosure was undertaken. Problems: offsetting media, water soluble media, anastatic images. Treatment: cleaning, plate enclosures, spine repair, board consolidation.

Tammy Jordan
MA Conservation
UofA, Central St. Martin's, Charing Cross Library

Ju, Da Young


This project is a participative and interactive video installation artwork, whose conceptualization is achieved by the spectator’s own engagement, and is catalyzed by reciprocal visual and sound extensions to express how communication works or more importantly, how it doesn’t work and to investigate a noblecomputer interaction scheme.

Da Young Ju
MA Digital Arts

Jung, Ha Hyo

Ha Hyo Jung

One image can say so much more than one word. Different children have different thoughts. I have high aspiration towards creating playful illustration books. The "Picture Book" in my project is approached more like a toy than ordinary book which has fixed format so that children can create their own world with their individual voices and thinking.

Ha Hyo Jung
MA illustration

Junior, Clayton

Clayton Junior

Along with a research on illustrated stories and artist's books, my work is based on the drawing narrative capabilities. Through an experimental take on the figurative drawing, it explores a particular visual world which could offer trough fragments different layers of meanings and interpretations.

Clayton Junior
MA Illustration