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Camberwell MA08

A to Z of Students

Halawi, Susan Wishart

In-Between World

By mixing digital sound and vocalising my dreams I create a visceral journey into my in-between world. This journey attempts to visualise my dream state; the disjoined imagery, the distinct colours and unusual sounds. Using a website and installation I explore different aspects in visualising my dream state.

Susan Wishart Halawi
MA Digital Arts Online

Hernández, Julieta

Julieta Hernández

My work approaches the acquisition of language, particularly when learning a new one that is not our mother tongue, how we get to understand its delicate twists and finally adopt them into our own speech. I am especially interested in slang and cursing as the core of understanding primary emotions and their way of expressing them through words.

Julieta Hernández
MA Printmaking

Hodge, Jane Lacy

Jane Lacy Hodge

My work is about looking, at my personal landscape – inseparable from my identity, penetrating to its rhythms and energy, its inextinguishable life force. Through intense observation, I strive for marks to express its actuality, through the meditation and mediation involved in negotiating what happens during the looking and during the making.

Jane Lacy Hodge
MA Printmaking (Part-time)

Houghton, Rosemary

Rosemary Houghton

The garden is my studio, flowers are my drawing tool. I use flower heads to draw with; and press flowers onto the image, using a garden roller, the pigment producing muted colours, which only can be found in the natural world.

Rosemary Houghton
MA Drawing (Part-time)

Huang, Pei-Yi

Pei-Yi Huang

Time maze. Lenticular poster 101.5cm*71.5cm
Are you controlled by time in the modern forever changing life?
My research is about 'The correlation of transitional meaning between image and space', and focus on cultural identity and time concept between 2-dimensional image and 3-dimensional space. 'Time corner' was one of my experimental works; also intend to stimulate people's attention about time directions and corner connotation through visual communication.

Pei-Yi Huang
MA Graphic Design
Thanks to Taiwan Genesis3d International Ltd Co.

Huchet, Alexandra

Alexandra Huchet

My images depict imaginary worlds or characters mainly inspired by biology, microscopy, science and industrialisation. I like to work on textures and details. I mix different medias like ink, photography, paint and computer technology.

Alexandra Huchet
MA illustration (Part-time)

Hwang, Jiyoung

Jiyoung Hwang

Plenty of people travel, they emigrate, immigrate, travel through lots of different places for lots of different reasons. I myself have been moving for along time, living in different countries. My work shows a diversity of the life and is particularly meaningful because it relates to my identity.

Jiyoung Hwang
MA Book Arts