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Camberwell MA08

A to Z of Students

Fauzi, Tetriana Ahmed

Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi

The hybrid is a fictitious plant by selection of species that offers audience an experience of enigma of the possibilities of its existence. There is a sense of scientific curiosity in botanical illustration and fascination in the beauty of nature and its symbolism with a sprinkling of mythology.

Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi
MA Drawing

Ferris, Sharon

Sharon Ferris

My project is an exploration of the breath, and the process of breathing. Using the digital interface as a contemporary medium, this project aims to allow the user to meditate using their breath to generate digital visuals that will respond to the cyclical phases of breathing.

Sharon Ferris
MA Digital Arts

Fielding, Alodie

Alodie Fielding

I am inspired by the work of outsider artists, the satirical engravings of Hogarth, old theatre posters, punk rock, German Expressionists, magic acts, deception, mediums, sideshows, fairy tales, Walter Potter, ballroom dancing, Hammer Horror, Goya, cabaret, tattoo art, the Georgian and Victorian age, Nolde’s watercolours, costume, disguise and faded glamour.

Alodie Fielding
MA Illustration (Part-time)

Fitzgerald, Brian

Brian Fitzgerald

In my work I explore the world in which I exist through my own identity. Media Representation and associative meaning play a major role in the making of the work as do formal presentation and nostalgia. In the exploration of the revolving world immediately around me, I confront issues such as Escapism, Culture, Religion and Conflict through both individual and collective identity.

Brian Fitzgerald
MA Printmaking

Foden, Emily

Emily Foden

My current practice emerged from a chance encounter with The Pigeon Fanciers Diary (1955 edition). Inspired by a passion for collecting any dog-eared book that crosses my path, my love of creating humorous and sincere narrative collage; my work leads me to explore the role of the storyteller.