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Camberwell MA08

A to Z of Students

Panayidou, Eleni

Eleni Panayidou

Eleni Panayidou
MA Printmaking

Pendlebury, Julian

Julian Pendlebury

A survey of the Horniman's herbaria collection enabled the selection of a bound herbaria volume for conservation treatment. The volume was chosen for its high curatorial value being part of F.J.Horniman's original collection, and for its display potential. Its poor overall condition also meant that it required extensive and timely conservation. The way the volume opened presented an ethical dilemma with its future use, either as a display piece or an object to be handled necessitating a consideration of its structure. In all respects as much of the original material and binding was kept as possible.

Julian Pendlebury
MA Conservation (Part-time)
Thanks to the Horniman Museum

Phonglamjiak, Thrissawan

Thrissawan Phonglamjiak

I and U live together in utopia, cut and folded papers
This physical typeface is a part of my research for the Language of Modern Architecture in London. Once folded, the image becomes text. This message is sent in order to re-establish the powerful spirit of inventing, achieving a better quality of life, equality and improved social interactions within an urban society.

Thrissawan Phonglamjiak
MA Graphic Design

Priddle, Christina

Christina Priddle

My principle medium is thread which I employ as a drawing tool testing and challenging the parameters of this tradition. My aim is to create a sense of mystery and tension within the work.

Christina Priddle
MA Drawing