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Camberwell MA08

A to Z of Students

Karantinopoulos, Dimitris

Dimitris Karantinopoulos

The context of my work relates to the notions of time, stillness, motion and sound. I am researching the interaction of multiple types of imagery (photography, moving images, and graphics) with sounds and melodies.

Dimitris Karantinopoulos
MA Graphic Design

Kelly, Ursula

Ursula Kelly

"---when we are at our most natural, our most everyday, we are also at our most cultural; that when we are in the roles that look the most obvious and given, we are actually in roles that are constructed, learned and far from inevitable."
Willis, P. (1979), Shop floor culture, masculinity and the wage form IN: Clarke et al, Working Class Culture,
London: Hutchinson & Co. Ltd

Ursula Kelly
MA Printmaking

Kida, Momoko

Momoko Kida

I'm making books based on the idea of "inconvenience". Portability of books always gives us options, but restriction of time and space can make books more valuable than a laptop. To experience something which only happens where and when you open the book, you can't help buy open and check it.

Momoko Kida
MA Book Arts

King, Tony

Tony King

This project is the conservation of a 1698 folio titled; A collection of many select and Christian epistles by George Fox, an early Quaker leader. This copy was completely disbound with holes in the calf covers, badly creased with torn pages and lacked any leather over the spine.

Tony King
MA Conservation

Kook, Dong Wan

Lucid obscurity

There are moments when things get clear through nonsensical coincidence. Through dealing with my dream journal written for a year, I have faced those moments intentionally. Repeated deciphering scrawls and tracing ambiguous sketches created a number of versions of each episode thereby clear illusions of the vague happenings have been often captured.

Dong Wan Kook
MA Book Arts

Kostaki, Ageliki

The Pinwheel Conservation Project

The conservation of an interior design object by Torben Ørskov & Co from the 1950s. This is one of the 2000 objects comprising the Camberwell teaching collection. The object is three dimensional and is made of board, paper, metal and plastic. The design of a display case as well as the interaction between object and viewer form part of the project.

Ageliki Kostaki
MA Conservation
Sponsors: The Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers (Award)

Koukoli, Eleni

Eleni Koukoli

Give me an instruction…
It can be anything and in form…
Please sign it and place it back to the second box. A documentation of the execution of your instruction will be returned to you, in the third box.

My instructors:
Charlotte, Christine, Dimitris, Ioanna, Jackie, Jaquie, Jenna, Jenny, Juan, Liz, Lucy, Martina, Razvan, Sofia, Stelios, Tetriana, Tiphany

Eleni Koukoli
MA Drawing

Kowalski, Piotr

Piotr Kowalski [hektor]

I work with digital moving images and live processing environments. My project is an interactive documentary that explores the aesthetic influence of estates upon cityscapes. The narrative is non-linear; it describes architectural ideas of concrete brutalism and travels between blocks of flats across Europe.

Piotr Kowalski [hektor]
MA Digital Arts (Part-time)

Kumaki, Ryosuke

Ryosuke Kumaki

This project is an exploration of our understanding of personality. The body [object] casts shadows [the personality]. But these shadows only exist because of light. The light comes from our daily influences, and environments. Using motion graphics, I have tried to explore how our many personalities exist.

Ryosuke Kumaki
MA Digital Arts