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Camberwell MA08

A to Z of Students

Carpenter, Dominique

Dominique Carpenter

My work stems from a fascination with violence and aggression, both the human condition and the visual aesthetic. My research has been in 2 forms, studied and participatory. From Hemmingway to Joyce Carol Oates, from Chris Burden to Humberto Velez. For 2 years I have trained and finally competed as a Boxer.

Dominique Carpenter
MA Digital Arts (Part-time)

Casanova, Adriano

Adriano Casanova

"Borderlines: immigrants environments" is a collaborative art project made with the artists Adriano Casanova- Brazil, Lana Lasagna-South Africa, Francesco Beneamato-Italy and Aline Van Der Assem-German to research the idea of immigration in the city of London. Each artist investigated the concepts of language, environment, identity and belonging using digital technology.

Adriano Casanova
MA Digital Arts

Chan, Hei Shing

Hei Shing Chan

This art piece is a clear reflection of myself in a different world. The famous Chinese poem "Drinking alone with the moon" is applied as a main subject to explain my personal feeling in London. The whole art piece is created as a result of my research study of Chinese and Western book culture, useful book arts practice and personal experience in London.

Charsley-Jory, Liz

Liz Charsley-Jory

The drawings I have made this year are based on a collection of photos, taken from a water-level perspective while kayaking and walking along the Thames. Engaging with the river this way I have become particularly interested in the shifting patterns of light upon water caused by riverine reflections.

Liz Charsley-Jory
MA Drawing (Part-time)

Christoforou, Christina

Christina Christoforou

Inspired by my love of music and rock bands, this project aims to interpret sound, into visual language. My fascination lies with the variety of visual interpretations of the same song; the power of sound and imagination combined, that is different from one's perception to another's. These images, are my response to a song by PJ Harvey, called "Snake".

Christina Christoforou
MA Illustration

Chung, Chao-Yi

Chao-Yi Chung

My work will include a website, animations and hand drawings. The drawing will be displayed on a book. It is a series of my work that present the process of drawing. The website and animations are different expressional style that will add commercial elements and digital skill to promote myself.

Chao-Yi Chung
MA Graphic design

Chung, Ken K.

"The Demons"

This piece is an experiment in cataloging demons of medieval Japanese origins. Their image is softened even caricature of what they are supposed to be (fearsome, horrifying). In this image they are all bound by the clouds of heaven, some breaking through to rise higher, some lagging. They are also dressed in earthly clothes, perhaps these demons were once human, they too are moving on to the next level of the afterlife-an ongoing cycle of the universe.

Ken K. Chung
MA Illustration

Clark, Sean

Sean Clark

My artwork uses digital technology to explore the themes of connectedness, flow and emergence. I do this through the creation of interactive audio-visual installations that I refer to as ‘digital art-systems’.

Sean Clark
MA Digital Arts Online

Collins, Jenna


Jenna Collins
MA Drawing (Part-time)

Crittenden, Jan

Jan Crittenden

The project aimed to separate and conserve 11 layers of historic wallpaper c.1850-1970. Pre-treatment analyses identified an arsenic-based pigment, Emerald Green, in the four earliest decorative papers, which had a fundamental impact on the treatment methodology. Archival research in historic wallpaper collections raised key questions about current potential health hazards.

Jan Crittenden
MA Conservation
With thanks to: St. John's College, Cambridge (Architect: van Heyningen & Haward