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Camberwell MA08

A to Z of Students

Allen, Tracy

Tracy Allen

Title of Image: Guillaume
From the Goodbye Horses Series
What does it mean to be masculine/feminine? Trolling across the Atlantic and back, I found more than willing male participants to indulge in my curious Mangina experiment. My question was, who would be free, honest and open enough to express themselves in this way? The answer... everyone that I thought would say no.

Tracy Allen
MA Printmaking

Almpanis, Nikolas

Nikolas Almpanis

Nikolas Almpanis is originally from Greece with a fine art degree in painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. His current MA work focuses on digital portraiture with the integration of visual and audio media. Inspired by Francis Bacon, Almpanis' work is often dark and examines the human condition.

Nikolas Almpanis
MA Digital Arts

Andrews, Ludmilla

Convolution + Convolutions

Taking emotionally charged situations as my point of departure I attempt to convey these interactions through the construction of abstract poetic gestures. Formal constraints, such as a monochromatic palette and mark making reduced to a line, focus the description on the physicality of the form and its movement in space.

Ludmilla Andrews
MA Printmaking (Part-time)

Anton, Razvan

Razvan Anton

'Arriving at the image is a process, not a frozen instant. Drawing is for me about fluidity. There may be a vague sense of what you are going to draw but things occur during the process that may modify, consolidate or shed doubts on what you know. So drawing is a testing of ideas; a slow motion version of thought. It doesn't arrive instantly like a photograph. The uncertain and imprecise way of constructing a drawing is sometimes a model of how to construct meaning' (Kentridge. 1999: p27).

Razvan Anton
MA Drawing

Atun, Naz

Naz Atun

Concentrating on individual's actions in modern society I am questioning how we are being manipulated and how our life, our decisions or emotions are shaped by the environment we are living in. If "perception is reality" we should question the veracity of our perceptions about "real" and consider how much our "reality" is being controlled and manipulated.

Naz Atun
MA Graphic Design

Aubry, Camille

Camille Aubry

My work on adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's movies scenes into graphic novel is reflecting my interest in the dialectic between Cinema and Illustration. The link between all the illustrations is that each scene described gives a lot of importance to the setting design, which almost become its main character.

Camille Aubry
MA Illustration